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Table Of Contents



Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:
The Food Pyramid

Chapter 3:
Correct Proteins For Weight Loss

Chapter 4:
Correct Carbs For Weight Loss

Chapter 5:
Correct Fats For Weight Loss

Chapter 6:
What About Organic And Raw Foods

Chapter 7:
The Correct Foods To Help With Endurance For

Chapter 8:
Maintaining Your Weight With Diet

Chapter 9:
How Important Is Your View Of Food

Chapter 10:
The Benefits Of Weight Loss And Management

Wrapping Up

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When your pounds have piled up and your pants have gotten too tight, it is time for you to watch what you eat. By viewing foods correctly, you will be able to maintain your fitness and health. Therefore, you need to know the nutritional information of each food item   you   purchase   from   the   supermarket.   Bear   in   mind   that knowledge is power.


Nutrition Essentials

Exploring The Correct Way To Eat For Weight Loss And Maintenance



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Chapter 1:




When you know the truth behind a food item, you will be able to determine if it is an enemy or not. However, when you are ignorant, you will just get surprised on how the foods you eat will take a toll on
you. See how important knowledge in weight loss is?


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Basic Information 

If you are sick and tired of your plump body, don’t worry because there is still hope. By knowing the correct way to eat for weight loss, you will not just achieve a to-die-for body, but maintain it for years as well, no matter what hormonal changes occur in your body. However, knowing them would not be enough if you are not going to apply them in your daily life. To do this, you need to have truckloads of patience,  determination  and  motivation.  Take  note  that  in  weight loss, all starts in the mind because it is the root cause of the problem. When you think right, you act right. Thus, before you decide to follow any type of diet, you should condition your mind first. Always remember that what your mind can conceive, your body can achieve.

In the succeeding chapters, the nutrition essentials will be discussed. You will be able to uncover the meaning of the right way to eat, how to make healthy food choices, and which foods are your friend and which ones are your enemy. Plus, you will also be able to understand how proper nutrition plays a vital role in safe and healthy weight loss and why lack of nutrition will play a trick on your body.

Are you now ready for an exploratory reading that will feed your mind with complete information about the relationship between nutrition
and weight loss? Then brace yourself and start now. 

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Chapter 2:

The Food Pyramid


Everyone is aware of the Food Pyramid, as it is taught in schools, advertised in media and featured in magazines and journals. It is a comprehensive guide designed to help people eat healthy and make healthy food choices every day. Because of the fact that  it is very popular,  several  people  make  use  of it as  a  tool  for  them  to  lose weight. But wait. Is it a good idea or not? To satisfy your curiosity,
continue reading.


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The Truth 

Recently, the food pyramid has been redone by The Agricultural Department. However, it is still not sufficient for those who are attempting to control and maintain their weight. This is due to the fact that it is not mainly designed for losing weight. The truth is, it is just  a  nutritional  guideline  to  help  people  keep  in  their  constant health. Its main purpose is only to make your nutrition balanced, and not to provide a guide for diets and weight loss. Sad to say, this is one of the many reasons as to why it is not a great option for people who want to get slim and shed pounds fast.

  1. order   to   ascertain   the   safety   of   people,   The   Agricultural Department has created the food pyramid as non-specific as possible. Well, this is the best you can ever get in the system of government. Many people argue that it is for weight loss because it offers a food quantity guide for what an individual should eat based on his age, gender and weight and it is designed for staying healthy. However, the government rebuts it.
  2. the  food  amounts  in  order  to  lose  weight  is  a  total guesswork and not the purpose of the publication. Pointing out the estimation of the needed food consumption is not just impracticable and tedious, but hard as well. Due to the various intentions and potential danger, anyone aiming to shed pounds fast must not use the
    newly improvised food pyramid.


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However, once an individual has attained his desired weight, then sure, he may consider the food pyramid as a great tool to stay fit and healthy. It also serves as a good indicator of the proper balance of foods in the diet. However, people should first have something that will help them create a meal plan to enable them to shed pounds fast.

The Meal Plan

In order for weight loss to be easy, the meal plan must be simple to use. As much as possible, you need to have a menu that is specially generated to go through every day. No one would surely bother to look at the food labels over and over again and work out calories, right? These days, people are always busy and have better things to do,  and  that  time  commitment  and  effort  does  not  fit  into  their lifestyle and time schedule.

If you are planning to use the food pyramid as your guide to lose weight, just forget about your plan. Now that you have already discovered the truth about it, just look for another method to help you eat right. More will be disclosed in the succeeding chapters, so you
don’t have anything to worry about.


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Chapter 3:

Correct Proteins For Weight Loss


Proteins are one of the most essential elements of the human diet as it is responsible in muscular development, and in losing weight, lean protein is an important component of the dietary intake. But wait. Have you ever asked yourself what the correct proteins for weight loss
are? Well, you can only get them from the right foods.

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Healthy Proteins 

The following foods contain proteins that will speed up your body’s

metabolic rate, thus leading to a healthy and safe weight loss.

Whey Concentrate

The great thing about whey concentrate is that it comes with multiple unique properties that can help you with your weight loss and maintenance goals. This food has high levels of cysteine, which effectively promotes glutathione production, and thus helps the body in combating inflammation and oxidative stress. Research has shown that  inflammation  and  oxidative  stress  can  cause  weight  gain  by simply damaging the metabolism with sugar. Whey concentrate has also been discovered to enhance the function of insulin. It is also designed to relieve those who experience stress eating, as it can boost your   serotonin   levels.   However,   make   sure   that   your   whey concentrate is examined in order for you not to get too much lactose.


Most people think that eggs have high fat content. Well, this is partly true, but when you eat it in isolation, i.e. one egg at a time, it can be a great   food   for   weight   loss.   It   can  also   increase   the   glucagon production, a hormone that functions to boost blood sugar while increasing the body’s fat burning ability.


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Egg Whites

Egg whites come with multiple properties, making it a great food for weight loss. The body uses up a lot of energy in digesting them, and thus you are able to burn calories. In addition, when egg whites are consumed without carbohydrates, your body is forced to secrete high levels of glucagons, which are known as effective fat loss promoters.


Another food rich in protein for weight loss is turkey, which releases tryptophan, a sleep promoting hormone. People with weight gain and weight loss problems often suffer from sleep disorders. By incorporating turkey in your diet, you will not just be able to improve the quality of your sleep, but lose weight as well.


Fish is also a great source of protein because it is lean and comes with a great amount of fat. Experts say that fish is an indispensable component of any weight loss or weight control program.

Grass Fed Beef

This is also considered as great food for weight loss. It cannot just enhance  cholesterol  ratios  which  help  blood  sugar  metabolism  to keep you lean, but also aids hunger and satiety.

Now that you have discovered the best foods for protein, why don’t
you include them in your diet now? You will be surprised by the results later on.


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Chapter 4:

Correct Carbs For Weight Loss



Carbohydrates obtain their fair share of exposure in the world of health and diets; good carbohydrates vs. bad carbohydrates and one kind of low-carb diet over another. The heart of the matter is that carbs provide the human body with the essential energy in order to keep your muscles and brain supplied with adequate fuel in order to function optimally. Even though your primary goal this year is to lose weight, your body needs come carbohydrates in order for you to have energy. Learning how to balance your intake of carbs can keep your
body fueled while you manage to lose weight. 

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How To Have Proper Carbs Intake 

In order to ascertain that you have proper carb intake, you have to set up a journal for counting carbohydrates and weight loss. On your journal’s first page, write when you want to lose weight. For now, just leave the rest of the page blank. Write the date today on the upper right hand corner of the next page. You also need to draw a vertical line down the mid-part of the page. Label the right column with “carbohydrates” and the left one with “foods eaten”. At the start of every day, make another carbohydrates and foods eaten page.

It is also very important to track your weight, so you have to use a weighing scale. After obtaining your starting weight, record it with a corresponding date. Put your very first weight entry under your target goal for  weight loss.  Every  week,  you  have  to  weigh  yourself  and record the changes in the journal. Don’t ever get tempted to step on the weighing scale more than once a week considering the fact that weight varies on a daily basis.

Reading the nutrition labels of the food you consume is also an important thing to do. Consume good carbohydrate foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits instead of carb carbohydrate foods like cupcakes, cookies and white rice. For your information, good carb foods have a high content of fibers while bad carb ones are refined and highly processed with low contents of fiber.
You also have to set your target carb count daily. For instance, if you prefer   to   follow   a   particular   low-carb   diet   that   recommends


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consuming 30 grams of carbs per day for the initial 2 weeks and gradually raising carb counts over a period of time, utilize these limits to set your daily count. If you want, you may also lessen your intake of carbs  by  6  grams per  day  and  check your  development from  this starting point.

Also, don’t forget to split up your target carb count between dinner, lunch and breakfast by splitting up your carb allotment by 3. This gives a guideline for the amount of carbohydrates that you may consume for every meal. If you prefer to include a small snack in between your meals, lower your cab count for every meal a little in order to build sufficient carbs for a snack or 2 depending on your level of hunger.

Jot down the foods you have consumed and their carb count in your journal. In order for you not to go over your goal, you also have to keep a total of the carb amount you consume. Exercise for at least 30-
40  minutes  a  day  three  times  a  week.  In  the  journal,  note  your exercise time and kind of activity. Three 10-minute power walks each day equates to a 30-minute exercise.

To know your progress, you have to monitor how many pounds you have shed. During the initial weeks of a low-carb diet, you can have a chance to drop 5 or more pounds. After the first 2 weeks, you should seek to lose not more than 1-2 pounds every week for a successful weight loss. If you notice that you lose weight quickly, increase your intake of carbs by 5-10 grams each day to achieve a healthy weightloss pace. 

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Chapter 5:

Correct Fats For Weight Loss



In the world of weight loss, many people consider fats as their enemy. However, that it is not always the case. In fact, weight loss and good fats are closely related. Did you know that a no-fat diet can gravely damage your health and may result in death? Yes, you’ve read it, right. So, if you are planning to exclude all fat-containing foods in your  diet,  you  will  just  find  yourself  six  feet  below  the  ground someday.  The human body needs fatty acids every single day in order to feel contented and full.

The following are some of the benefits of good fats:


•         Maintenance of the immune system

•         Preservation of digestive health

•         Optimal organ functions

•         Optimal nervous system and brain function

•         Regulation of hormones


If your body does not receive the right amount of essential fatty acid it needs, it can lead to health conditions and diseases such as obesity, stroke, heart diseases, asthma, diabetes, cancer, ADHD and depression. 

- 16 -
The Truth About Bad Fats 

Now that you know why good fat is great for your weight loss goal, it is about time to know the ugly truth about bad fats. One of the most detrimental bad fats is the hydrogenated one, which is also referred to as trans fat or trans-fatty acids. When shopping in the grocery store, read labels carefully. If you spot some foods containing hydrogenated or trans fat, don’t purchase them. Trans fat can increase your bad cholesterol in the body, which can result in diabetes, cancer, heart diseases and clogged arteries. Since the human body does not process trans fat, it will be considered as toxins and will be stored in the cells. Worse,  trans  fat  consumption  can  also  increase  your  cravings  for food, so you have to make healthy food choices.

  1. order   for   you   not   to   experience   the   negative   effects   of hydrogenated fats, you have to avoid shortenings and margarine. You should also not consume convenience foods such as snacks, cookies, popcorn, chips and crackers.

See that? Weight loss and good fats work hand in hand while weight gain and bad fats also go together. To achieve your weight loss goals, it just takes saying “no” to what you must avoid and saying “yes” to what you must consume.

Good Fats – The Solution

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, then you need to consume foods rich in essential fatty acids also known as EFA. This type of
fatty acid comes in two kinds –Omega 6 and Omega 3. These are

- 17 -
commonly  found  in  walnuts,  eggs,  salmon,  vegetables,  sunflower, corn, grains and meats. It comes with lauric acid, which is known for its ability in preventing heart diseases, improving the immune system and increasing the metabolic rate, which enables you to boost your energy levels. Since weight loss and good fats are intertwined, you have to go for this fat group.

The following are some of the foods containing good fat for weight loss:

•         Avocado – This fruit is not just high in monounsaturated fats, but also comes with a double whammy. It contains mannoheptulose, a starch that inhibits the secretion of insulin. This can greatly benefit individuals with insulin resistance, which is one of the major causes of metabolic syndrome. To date, the said syndrome affects over 40 percent of the United States population.

•         DHA/EPA oil – DHA and EPA are made from 100% omega 6 and omega 3 fats. Numerous researches and studies have shown that these  oils  had  significant  effects  over  hormone  balance,  mood, cortisol control, and inflammation.

•         Grass-fed beef – Research has shown that a grass-fed beef has various effects on the omega 3/6 ratios and LDL/HDL ratio when eaten by humans. It has also been shown to enhance blood lipid profiles,   which   implies   that   it   promotes   the   health   of   the
cardiovascular system.


- 18 -
•         Virgin coconut oil – This is considered as the king of good fats. Research has shown that it can increase the body’s fat burning rate after ingestion. This oil acts as a potent antioxidant by lowering inflammation, and thus helps the metabolism of blood sugar. It also comes with brown fat-burning properties.

Contrary to the belief of many people, fats are the underlying cause of weight loss. What they don’t know is that good fats exist, which aid their body to burn bad fats quickly. If you were surprised on what you have discovered in this chapter, be a good friend to others by telling
them the truth so that they do not lose weight improperly.  

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Chapter 6:

What About Organic And Raw Foods



The USDA, which stands for the United States Department of Agriculture  Approved,  sets  the  standards  defining  the  labels  or organic foods that pertain to processed foods, animal products, grains and produce. Any food that is approved organic by the United States Department of Agriculture Approved, regardless of its origin, is free of genetic and hormone modification, antibiotics, irradiation and pesticides. Rules that govern water and soil conservation procedures as  well  as  the  kindly  animal  treatment  also  apply  to  growers  of organic foods. While the terminology “organic” means “healthy” to
most people, the terminologies are not essentially interchangeable. 

- 20 -
Basics of Weight Loss 

Proper calorie intake is important for the promotion of long-term weight loss and maintenance of a healthy weight. In order for you to lose 1 pound of fat, you have to burn up to 3,500 calories more than what you consume. Considering the fact that you can lose up to 2 pounds per week, you can surely burn around 1,000 calories from your diet every day.

A diet plan promoting vegetables and fruits, whole grains like oats, quinoa, and rice, low-fat dairy, nuts, seeds and lean proteins can provide you with various minerals and vitamins you need, even when you limit your intake of calories.

Organic Benefits

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 30% of insecticides,   60%   of   herbicides   and   90%   of   fungicides   are carcinogenic or can cause cancer. Organic produce is free from chemical residues, making it a great choice if you prefer to feature veggies and fruits in your diet without increasing the pesticide load of your body. Likewise, traditionally farmed animal products have antibiotic residues and growth  hormones.  In accordance  with The Organic Food Shopper's Guide, 90% of non-organic United States beef has 6 different growth hormones—all of which have been barred in the European Union because of health concerns. Animal products
and organic meat don’t contain antibiotics or growth hormone.


- 21 -
Nutritional Comparison

While several organic food proponents have suggested that it comes with more nutrients than traditionally farmed foods, the proof of science suggests that the organic and non-organic foods’ nutritional profiles are significantly the same.

When weighed against equal traditional produce, some organic vegetables and fruits may have higher polyphenols and antioxidants, in accordance with Ph.D. Christine McCullum-Gomez, registered dietician and author of the book entitled Perspective on the Benefits of Organic Foods.


As there is a great demand for organically grown products, manufacturers have acted in response by providing processed foods that are purely made from organic ingredients which include frozen dinners, sugary cereals, crackers and cookies. As a result, food consumption simply because it has the organic label, does not necessarily   enhance   or   produce   weight   loss.   You   can   possibly maintain   a   high-calorie   diet   full   of   sugar   and   sodium,   while stringently eating organic food.

Since your main concern is to lose weight, you have to select nutrient- dense foods first, and keep an eye on your calorie intake. If you wish to minimize your chemical residue, antibiotics and growth hormone intake, you need to consume animal products, grains and organic
produce that fit your diet.

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Chapter 7:

The Correct Foods To Help With Endurance For Exercise



Eating prior to conducting aerobic exercises is all about quality and timing.  Choosing  the  most  favorable low-calorie  meal  to  consume before  performing  any  workout  exercise  can  be  done  instantly without  purchasing  costly  specialty  foods.  You  need  to  educate yourself well about the foods that fuel your body  for workouts  in order  for  you  to  have  strength  and  endurance  all  throughout  the

- 23 -
Fuel - You Need it for Workout 

Whether you like it or not, your body needs fuel in order for it to perform any physical activity optimally. Glucose is the favorite sugar of your body as it is a major energy source. To tell you the truth, most of the fuel your body utilizes during exercise originates from the glucose stored in your muscles as glycogen. To put it simply, the foods you consume on Tuesday and Wednesday could fuel your workouts on Friday and Saturday.

The pace at which foods are converted into energy greatly depends on the food type. This pace is also called the food glycemic index. Foods that rank high on the glycemic index will quickly be converted to fuel and can give your body energy for workouts.

Low-calorie Complex Carbohydrates

Never skip a workout or meal on an empty tummy. Without adequate energy to fuel your workout, you will become exhausted quickly. In order to boost your performance and nourish your muscles, it is important to consume low-calorie foods prior to performing any exercise. Choose foods with complex carbs in order for you to obtain the best energy source. Don’t forget that your goal is to have 100-200 calories around 30 minutes before performing any physical activity.

Sample Snacks

The following are some of the most ideal low-calorie foods that you can consume prior to performing any exercise:


- 24 -
•         Cereal

•         Yogurt (fat-free)

•         Pretzels

•         Fruit Juice

•         Sports energy bar/sports drink

For you to consume an adequate amount of calories prior to performing an exercise, all you have to do is mix and match these foods. Also, take note that eating fewer than 100 calories may lead to poor exercise performance.


Protein is significant for tissue and muscle regeneration, which in turn boosts muscle strength, lessens recovery periods and prevents injuries. If you would like to ensure any physical activity for weight loss, you should eat about 1 oz of protein/lb of body weight. The following are some of the best protein sources that should be part of your diet: fish, turkey, chicken and meat.


Fat supplies a secondary source for energy and body fuels. However, make sure that you only consume those good ones. In the previous chapter, you learned that there are two kinds of fats—the bad and good. By simply consuming foods that contain good fats, you will be able to have sustained endurance all throughout your workout. 

- 25 -
Keep Your Body Hydrated

Diet plans that don’t have adequate water intake and hydration can impede  excellent  workout  performance  and  fast  recovery. Dehydration can lead to muscle fatigue and cramping. In accordance with Hal Higdon, an experienced endurance coach, one of the most important factors to ensure your endurance in any physical activity is hydration.


The total calories you need per day differ, and can be adjusted in order to match your requirements. The  following are some  of the nutrients used in producing energy: B vitamins, riboflavin and thiamin. To prevent muscle cramping and fatigue, your body needs minerals like iron, calcium, potassium and sodium.

Are you now ready to perform physical activities to lose weight? Then don’t forget to incorporate the foods mentioned in this chapter in your diet. 

- 26 -
Chapter 8:

Maintaining Your Weight With Diet



In just a blink of an eye, weight gain may happen. However, the ironic thing is that it may take months or even years to lose it. If you are on a weight loss plan right now, you should not stop when you have achieved  your  desired  body  weight. Just  like  any  beauty  regimen, weight loss requires maintenance.

  1. conscious  individuals  must  not  progressively  modify  their diet, but rather gradually. It is also not ideal to deprive yourself from foods or under eat because it can take a toll on your health later on. It’s a good thing, there is a great eating pattern that will help you manage your weight properly and keep your energy levels highs. It all
    begins by simply thinking about the nutrition basics.


- 27 -
Eat Fresh And Healthy



Cooking the foods that you just purchased is the most ideal way to know that what you are consuming is fresh. Also, if the foods’ color retention  is alright,  then  it is fresh. By  planning  your foods  on a weekly basis, you will be able to minimize the number of times you eat out. Plus, food preparation at home also helps you save a lot.

Eat Colorful

Another way on how to maintain your weight loss is to try various shapes and colors when purchasing fruits and vegetables. Purchase violet, green, orange, red, yellow and other colors. Did you know that colors determine the vitamins it contains? Thus, you have to balance what you purchase. If you are intending to make a salad, you have to experiment with the fruits and veggies you include.

Eat With Assortment

When it comes to food, you should always be creative. You can modify the taste of your fruit shake, tenderloin or pasta. With foods, there is no boring day. In order for you to lose weight effectively while giving your  body  the  right  nutrition  it  needs,   you   have   to   let   your imagination work.

Eat Moderately

These days, several foods have unhealthy ingredients. In order for you not to fall into their trap, you have to read the labels. Admit it, you


- 28 -

find most unhealthy foods delicious and addicting, so you get tempted to eat too much of them sometimes. If you really want to lose weight the  healthy  way,  you  should  condition  your  mind  that  eating  too much fatty, sweet and salty food in the long run can only lead to serious diseases.

Just Eat Less

One of the major causes of unhealthy eating is huge servings whether at home or in the restaurant. You really have to watch your servings and cut back on them. Also, eat with your tummy and not with your eyes. You have to cook or order only what you can finish. This way, you will be able to save time, effort and money.

Enjoy Your Meals With People

When you eat out with your friends or family, you will have more appetite to eat. You will also be able to communicate with others and have a good belly laugh. However, make sure that the foods served on the table are healthy.
If you want to maintain your weight, you have to keep an eye on what you eat. 

- 29 -
Chapter 9:

How Important is Your View Of Food



When you hear the word weight loss, of course, the very first thing that will enter your mind is the word “food”. But how do you view it? Do you consider food as a means of survival, indulgence, luxury, past time, or necessity? In order for you to stay in shape, you have to view
food properly. But what does it mean? 

- 30 -
Your View On Food 

Your view of food reveals what kind of person you are. If you are obese right now, it means that you are a food abuser and a glutton. In order for you to be in the right shape, then you have to view food properly. This is the only way on how you can stay fit and healthy.

Your knowledge about food and how it can affect your health is influenced by your knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the more you are able to eat properly. Therefore, you should know what foods  are best and worst for you. This  way,  everything will  be  in balance, and you no longer have to be problematic of your weight and shape anymore.

To view food properly, you should take advantage of the internet. In just a few clicks, you will be able to know the truth about different foods. So, why don’t you conduct extensive research now? Always
take note that little learning is dangerous. 

- 31 -
Chapter 10:

The Advantages Of Correct Diet For Weight Loss



To lose weight, the solution is simple—diet. However, most people misinterpret this 4-letter word. They think that depriving themselves of food or starving themselves to death is the best way on how to shed pounds instantly. Yes, this is partly true, but the weight loss they experience is just a dirty trick. Though they lose weight instantly, they may just find themselves gaining weight again after a few weeks. Worse, they may also develop serious diseases that may take a toll on them in the latter stage of their life. This is the reason why correct
diet is important. 

- 32 -
The Benefits 

There is a huge difference between diet and correct diet. If you know them, you will have a win-win situation. It will benefit you in ways you have never expected not just in the physical aspect. When you follow a correct diet, you will be able to bring out the best in your body  and  you  will  feel  good  inside  and  out.  Apart  from  these, following a correct diet has other benefits, but this book is not enough to mention all of them. In order for you to experience thrill and self- fulfillment, why don’t you just discover them yourself?

If you believe that you are the most obese person in the world, don’t lose hope. As long as you are alive, you can still have a chance to change your live. By following the tips mentioned in this book, you
will just be amazed with the results.