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Firstly, check your sugar levels. They may be too high or too low. Have you eaten recently? If you are hungry, get a good healthy meal. First generation foods are best for your health, such as fruit and vegetables or salads and clean proteins like fresh fish, chicken, eggs or meat (avoid processed foods such as colorants flavourings, preservatives and non nutritive foods such as sugar and salt). Decrease the sugars and refined carbohydrates. Have some nuts on hand such as almonds or snaky foods such as a Provita. Often a tall glass of water will do the trick. Don’t get dehydrated especially in summer or air conditioned work spaces. If you are falling asleep after a meal it usually means the liver and gall bladder may need some fine tuning.

Choleodoron by Weleda or Naturally yours Liver and Gallbladder drops will help. It may be a problem of hyperglycemia i.e. you may have just eaten a meal with too much sugar-chocolates, coffee, coke or alcohol. This tends to make one feel sleepy as the insulin tried to sort out the high sugar rush into the blood. So if you have checked your sugar levels, had a glass of water, gone for a walk and still feel a lack of energy you may need to check your iron levels, thyroid or hormone status.

Anxious before bedtime
Anxiety usually also has to do with sugar levels. Make sure you have eaten within two hours of going to bed. If work is stressful or you have emotional problems have a hot steamy bath with some relaxing aromatherapy oils such as lavender oil or yang yang. Take some relaxing herbs such as Avena sativa, Passiflora or Valeriana officionalis Tinctures and up your B-group vitamins such as Nutri-B Anti Sress by Vita Force. These will relax the body. There are also Neutroceutical substances like l-Tryptophan, 5-HTP, SAMe and GABA that will help anxiety that is more chemical based. My answer is always to try to live in the moment. Bless all that is good about your life and situation. Best, also, is to start an exercise program even if it is just a short walk in nature daily. Don’t underestimate the bad effects of coffee, chocolates, alcohol and sugar on anxiety. Focus on the out come you want ONLY the way will become clear. This is a law. So in summary have a hot cup of relaxing tea, have a hot bath, make love, take some calming herbs and bless your life before you go to bed.