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Dr. Wilhelm H. Schussler of Oldenburg, Germany, worked over three decades during the 19th century, 1872 to 1898, discovering the 12 tissue salts. His most significant discovery was that the health of the organism be influenced by the balance and distribution of minute inorganic mineral substance’s, called “tissue salts”. The Biochemical tissue salts may be seen as REGULATORY remedies. Tissue salts do not act by directly supplying the deficiency, but act homeopathically and therefore creatively, by restoring the bodies ability to assimilate and utilize the deficient salts. The remedy will treat the cause of the disease. Tissue salts create, nourish and preserve every organ, tissue and cell of the body.

For maintenance of health, a perfect equilibrium and ratio must exist between these vital salts. In ill health these salts will be found to be out of balance. Where more than one tissue salt is deficient then a combination of two or more salts may be required.

The most commonly used potency is the 6X or D6 potency. There is no point exceeding the prescribed dosage, as biochemical tissue salts TRIGGER the healing reactions in the body. It would be advisable just to repeat the dosage of the prescribed amounts at more frequent intervals, up to every 15 minutes.

Tissue salts can be used to treat both acute and chronic conditions of viral, bacterial or fungal, origin as they will increase the bodies own defence mechanism to counteract the infection and therefore to heal itself.

This form of therapy, is used appropriately, is safe effective and may be used by young and old alike with no side effects or toxic reactions.

The 12 inorganic tissue salts are:

Calc Fluor, Calc Phos Calc Sulph

Ferr Phos

Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Sulph

Mag Phos
Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Nat Sulph

Calc Phos is the most abundant tissue salt in the body. It is found in productive soils. It is found in the bones and teeth, and also in soft tissue. It is the main constituent of all cells of the body fluids. It assists with the digestion and absorption of food and is vitally important for the building of good bones and body structure. One needs this tissue salt to make a robust constitution and it is thus lacking in a week constitution. It will speed up convalescence and replenish the body’s reserves.

Look out for the following signs:

Bone problems eg. aneamia, rickets, growing pains, delayed bone healing after fractures, osteoporosis,

Blood disorders eg. anaemia,

Problems of mood e.g. fretful people who are prone to mental enxiety, fear worry poor concentration, depression, introverted children and dissatisfied children,

Poor digestion and nutrition,

Infants that have colic 24 hours a day seem allergic to the mothers milk. May have diarrhea form digestive disturbances, kissing tonsils, chronically enlarged, teething delays and problems, susceptibility to colds and catarrh, found in all body fluids e.g. milk, blood, serum, vomiting etc.

Is known as Plaster of Paris.
Calc Sulph is a blood purifying tissue salt which helps the liver to remove waste products form the blood stream. It is required in conditions where there is puss e.g. acne, abscesses, boils and pimples. It will discharge puss once a vent has been made. Hepar Sulph usually precedes Calc Sulph, and Silica usually follows for boils.

Signs to look out for are:

Adult acne, severe cases of acne in adolescence especially if there are large juicy yellow pimples, boils, carbuncles, abscesses, whitlow and ulcers,

Pussy eczema,
Purulent conjunctivitis,

Pussy sinuses, ears, eyes, tonsils, lungs, anus, joints, stools,

Puss in the urine, breast ie mastitis,

Septic burns, acne.

Ferrum Phos is the Biochemic first aid remedy. It is found especially in red blood cells. It is called the homeopaths anti-inflammatory remedy and is used for first stage fevers. It is used for all inflammatory conditions in the first stages of the infection, i.e. disorders which end with ‘it is’, e.g. bronchitis, otitis, tonsilitis, cystitis, gastritis, pilitis, mastifest in red ears (external or internal), red face or redness. The redness can also be seen in very red blood e.g. nose bleeds, heavy menstrual flow or bleeding piles/haemorrhoids. Ferrum Phos can be used as a ‘pain killer’ for menstrual pain. Iron, Ferrum, has to do with the transportation of oxygen in the body. Ferrum Phos will help for shortness of breath, especially after strenuous exercise.

Look out for the following signs:

Inflammation anywhere with redness, pain or fever,

Lots of red blood from the nose, rectum, lungs, kidneys,

Dark circles under the eyes which shows a lack of oxygen,

All recent physical injuries,

Injuries  such as from a seat belt, can’t rotate the shoulder, hip joint disease (> cold).

Strained ligaments and tendons,

Rheumatic fever, and childhood illnesses, where conditions are better for warmth and worse for movement,

Use before an operation to nose and throat,

For painful, dry, red, inflamed, ulcerated throat.


Kali Mur is characterised by the colour of white. White tongue, white mucous, white puss, white tonsil pips, white catarrh, thrush and a pale white face. It counteracts toxins in the body by eliminating them by any means e.g. through vomiting or mucous. It can thus be used for all conditions of nausea including nausea in pregnancy, food poisoning, inhalation of toxic fumes. It is used in the second stage of inflamation.

Look out for the following signs:

Whiteness of face, tongue, mucous, stool, skin, discharge etc,

All inflammatory conditions with whiteness such as, nasal catarrh, oral and vaginal thrush, swollen tonsils, white discharge form the lungs, eustachian deafness and glue ear, kissing tonsils, white ulcers,

Nausea and biliousness, worse for rich fatty food,

Canstipation with indigestion and white coated tongue,

Headache with white coated tongue,

Weak immune system.

Kail Phos is the principal tissue salt for the nervous system, Phosphorus being the main nerve mineral. It is vital for regeneration of nerve tissue and forms “Grey matter”. It is helpful for the third stage of inflammation. It is indicated for all nervous complaints including:

Nervous anxiety, diarrhoea form emotional upsets,

Nervous exhaustion and inability to concentrate during exams,

Nervous headache,

Inability to comprehend,

Depression due the prolonged tension,

Neural and muscular fatigue,

Menstrual colic in nervous sensitive women,

Anorexia due to prolonged stress, loss of apatite,

Chronic viral fatigue lack of concentration syndrome, apathy exhaustion mental and physical,

Insomnia-too tired to sleep and nightmares,

Hyperactive children,

Functional brain disorders (e.g. senility).

Use for mental alertness,

Sexual incompetence and frigidity.

Kali Sulph is important for the maintenance of healthy skin, hair and mucous membranes. The discharges are yellow, slimy or sticky. Characteristic skin patches may occur. Chloasma may be present. It is involved with the third stage of inflamation. Kali Sulph may be indicated for the following:

Yellow eczema,
Yellow cradle cap or seborrhoea,

Yellow green catarrh any where,

Chest mucous green or yellow or asthma with yellow discharges,

Rattling chest with difficulty to expectorate,

Foul breath and a yellow coated tongue, chronic conditions.

Mag Phos is the anti-spasmodic, analgesic tissue salt. It is indicated for:

All cramps and spasms, as well as menstrual pain,

Shooting stabbing or dating pains, neuralgia, sciatica,

Spasmodic palpitations,

Cramping menstrual pain and headaches,

Teething pains in babies,

Nervous tension,

Muscle cramps. All these symptoms are better for warmth and pressure, enlarged prostate and intermittent urine retention, gallbladder and kidney stone colic.

 Nar Mur is the tissue salt responsible for the distribution of water in the body. Symptoms become evident where there is too much water or too little water i.e. where there is dryness. It is often regarded as the most important tissue salt Signs to look out for are:

Too much water in:
Hay fever, clear watery nasal discharge often with loss of smell,

Water retention, oedema and swelling anywhere,

Diarrhoea or vomiting,
Watery blisters,
Watery eyes or nose,
Excess salivation,
Greasy skin and oily forehead,
Acne on the hairline
Cold sores around nose and mouth,
Influenza and watery catarrh.
Too little water in:
Constipation with a hard dry stool,
Dry whitish scaley, cracked skin,
Dry lips which crack,
Eczema often on folds of joints,
Thirst for cold water,
Sebum on the eye lashes,
Dry eyes, dry vagina.
Other symptoms include:
Weak memory,
Itchy skin or eyes,
Craving of salty foods.
Nat Phos is the acid neutralising tissue salt (lactic and uric acid). It is used in conditions of excess acidity which are chareacteristically sour smelling. Look out for the following symptoms:

Acid taste and sour breath,
Acid indigestion,
Gastric ulcers,
Vomiting of sour fluids,
Diarrhoea with sour smelling stools with raw sore itching anus. Diarrhoea yellow in colour like spinach and eggs;

Rheumatic conditions e.g. gout, stiffness of muscles tendons and joints, cracking joints and tight hamstrings. Good to neutralise acidity. Child smells sour,

Catarrh is golden yellow,
Tongue is yellow at the back,
Post nasal drip in yellow,
Vaginal discharge is yellow.
Teeth grinding during sleep.
Nat Sulph (Glauber’s salt), is called the water eliminating tissue salt. It is thus the main remedy for water retention. It is also strongly associated with the liver and gall bladder. Look out for the following signs and symptoms:

Vomiting of bile,
Heartburn, bitter taste in the mouth,
Hepatitis, jaundice, colitis,
Gall stones,
Flatulence and constipation,
Gastroeneritis with yellow water, wind and diarrhoae which splutters and spurts,

Rheamatism and arthritis, especially toes, fingers and wrist,

Chest flu with burning pain and a yellowness or greenish,

Persistent cough or chronic bronchitis,
Influenza, pneumonia or post operative pneumonia with biliousness and vomiting which burn the mouth,

Sliminess in the mouth,
Cancer of the colon,
Depression following head injury.
Moles and sebaceous warts,
Itching of the skin when undressing,
Sensitive to pain and light
Silica is a cleansing, elimination tissue salt. It is a constituent of connective tissue cells of, hair, nails and skin. It removes putrid material from the body. This may include:

Abscesses, sties, boils, pimples,
Bad odour, offensive perspiration and smelly feet.

It is also involved in strengthening weak constitutions,

Will mental and physical stamina,
Spots on the nails, brittle nails, witlows and ingrown toe nails,

Inability to cope with loss of body fluids, such as in diarrhoea lactation, sweating etc.

Constipation with a ‘shy’ stool,
Chronic bronchitis,
Asthma from dust particles,
Retards premature aging in the elderly,
Absent-mindedness and poor memory.
Will help hyperactive children to focus.