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I have just this weekend heard of another child, this time only 10 months old, who has contracted Polio from the polio vaccination.

The child has had several antibiotics and has had a few visits to hospital, so his immune system was not in top form. The doctor actually told the mother that the vaccine had caused the polio and they should not have vaccinated the child. Which gets me back to what I have been saying, "sick kids have a compromised immune system, they should not be vaccinated and healthy children will not get polio as their immune system will protect them."

Feed your children a natural whole food, alkaline forming diet, and their immune system will protect them naturally. If you are unsure how to do this, then download the new "Healthy Kids" from which will give you clear guidelines on how to feed children well. Vaccinations are dangerous, and anyone insisting on a child being vaccinated, should sign a legal document, promising to cover all medical and health related bills including special care if brain damaged.
'Vaccinating your child' is something we are frightened into doing with all kinds of stories of death and damage, but no one is prepared to take responsibility if a child should have a severe reaction or actually get the disease it is being vaccinated against.

Healthy Kids is available at in downloadable format, or get hold of Dr Michael Dye's book on vaccinations. Whatever you do, educate yourself and know that in South Africa it is not compulsory to have vaccinations only highly recommended. So get down to your local police station and sign an affidavit that states that your child has had all the vaccinations required by the law, should you have a school that does not want to allow your child there without proof of vaccinations.

Do not let people bully you. Phone the Government health department (don't speak to the nursing sister at the clinic) and speak to the head of the health dept. so that you know for sure, that the law does not require you to vaccinate anyone! If you cannot avoid it due to travel, make sure you are all very healthy before you have the shots.

From Wikipedia

The term poliomyelitis is used to identify the disease caused by any of the three serotypes of poliovirus. Two basic patterns of polio infection are described: a minor illness which does not involve the central nervous system (CNS), sometimes called abortive poliomyelitis, and a major illness involving the CNS, which may be paralytic or non-paralytic.[10] In most people with a normal immune system, a poliovirus infection is asymptomatic. Rarely the infection produces minor symptoms; these may include upper respiratory tract infection (sore throat and fever), gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation or, rarely, diarrhea), and influenza-like illness.[4]

The virus enters the central nervous system in about 3% of infections. Most patients with CNS involvement develop non-paralytic aseptic meningitis, with symptoms of headache, neck, back, abdominal and extremity pain, fever, vomiting, lethargy and irritability.[2][11] Approximately 1 in 1000 to 1 in 200 cases progress to paralytic disease, in which the muscles become weak, floppy and poorly controlled, and finally completely paralyzed; this condition is known as acute flaccid paralysis.[12] Depending on the site of paralysis, paralytic poliomyelitis is classified asspinal, bulbar, or bulbospinal. Encephalitis, an infection of the brain tissue itself, can occur in rare cases and is usually restricted to infants. It is characterized by confusion, changes in mental status, headaches, fever, and less commonly seizures and spastic paralysis.[13]


Then upcoming talks in W Cape, Johannesburg, George and East London.. (South Africa)

Tomorrow (Tuesday) 18 October 2011

In Our Natural Health short course we cover Protein, why it is, why we need it, what is the best etc. After this you should never be confused about protein ever again!
Then make several healthy delicious protein meals.

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Place:                Veltevreden Methodist Church Hall Cnr. J.G.Strijdom & Amarant Streets Veltevreden Park
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George on Thursday the 27th October at the Presbyterian Church, Caledon Street, George.
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Summer is on the way, and the last thing you want is to be bloated, overweight, and suffering from digestive problems and allergic reactions.

If these are your problems: Lack of libido? Indigestion? Heartburn/reflux?  Ulcers?  Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Skin complaints?  Eczema?  Allergies? Candida?  Crohns disease?  Constipation? Hormone imbalances? Excess weight?

Mary-Ann will focus this talk on how your diet can cause or heal all of the above, and the simple dietary answers and natural food supplements that will help eradicate them for life.

Mary-Ann will teach you :

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How these foods affect your hormones, weight and digestive system.

Entry fee just R50.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or Pamela De Jager

Saturday 29 October
East London
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Mary-Ann will be doing an in-depth talk on "Perfect Health - The Natural Way"
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Mary-Ann Shearer