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Codex Alimentarius is now on the verge of its long-time goal of giving control of vitamins, supplements and food to the Illuminati corporations - with much reduced dosages - and putting the independents out of business. They are doing this through the technique used by the Rockefeller family to hijack 'health care' in the United States and then worldwide - a system of licencing. The scam is simple: you introduce licences for something and then anyone who wants to do that 'something' must do it within your 'guidelines' (limits and restrictions) or they don't get a licence and so cannot practice.

And if you want to stop certain people doing that 'something' you make the requirements to get a licence so complex and costly that you are, in effect, denying them the right to practice or produce.

They use the licencing technique throughout society to impose control and nowhere more so than in what passes for 'medicine'. A doctor needs a licence to practice and if they use healing methods that work, but are not recognised by the arbiters of the licence (ultimately Big Pharma) they lose their licence and are 'struck off'.

The licencing noose is also being used ever more widely in alternative and complimentary medicine to install centralised control and dictatorship by a self-appointed authority and the major corporations have been buying up health store chains for years to kidnap the industry ...

... This week the UK Independent (yeah, right) newspaper reported that 'hundreds of herbal medicinal products will be banned from sale in Britain next year under what campaigners say is a "discriminatory and disproportionate" European law'.
How are they going to do it? Licencing.