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Posted on March 28, 2011 by childhealthsafety

Republished from the original by Jagannath Chatterjee – Originally published 2006 in India.

I have been corresponding with the Union Health Minister and his  department on this subject since 2006. Neither the Minister nor the Ministry  have any answer to these points. Even when Dr Abdul Kalam, then President,  raised the subject based on my inputs there was no sincere attempt to clarify  the position. I have since then continuously educated the doctors on the  subject. I have also written to the current President, Vice President, PM,  Sonia, the NHRC, NCPCR, CM’s of various states, MP’s of various political  parties and all the medical institutions I can think of. I have also written to  the WHO, GAVI, UNICEF & PATH, premier institutions that promote this highly  controversial medical intervention . Doctors sympathetic to the cause opine that  unless the public realise the dangers from vaccines it will be very difficult to  stop this industry sponsored menace. You will agree that there should be a  public debate on vaccines, otherwise the unfortunate children do not stand a  chance.

1. There is no scientific study to determine whether vaccines have really  prevented diseases. Rather disease graphs show vaccines have been  introduced at the fag end of epidemics when the disease was already in its  last stages. In case of Small Pox the vaccine actually caused a great  spurt in the incidence of disease before public outcry led to its withdrawal.

2. There are no long-term studies on vaccine safety. Very short-term tests  are carried out where the vaccinated subjects are checked against another  group who are given another vaccine. Technically the tests should be  carried out against a non-vaccinated group. No one really knows what  protocols are followed at such industry-sponsored trials.

3. There has never been any official attempt to compare a vaccinated  population against a non vaccinated population to know what vaccines are  doing to the children and the society. Independent private studies (Dutch  & German) have revealed that vaccinated children suffer much more than  their un-vaccinated counterparts.

4. The child receives not one but many vaccines. There are no tests to  determine the effects of multiple vaccines.

5. There is no scientific basis for vaccinating infants. As per senior  doctors quoted by the Times of India, “Children suffer from less that 2%  of vaccine preventable illnesses but 98% of the vaccines are targeted  towards them.” The vaccine pioneers who have recommended abundant caution  before vaccinating the population have never advocated mass vaccinations.

6. Children are vaccinated simply because parents can be frightened to  forcefully vaccinate their children. Vaccinating infants is the most  profitable business both for the manufacturers as well as the doctors.

7. Infants, who are advised ONLY mothers milk till the age of six months and  beyond because their fragile system will not tolerate anything else are  given 30 extremely toxic vaccine shots, including booster doses, an act  that defies both logic and science.

8. The Government of India has come out with a quarter page advertisement in  The Hindu warning parents not to vaccinate beyond the Government approved  vaccines. Parents have been advised against vaccinating in private clinics  and hospitals.

9. The Orissa Chapter of the Indian Association of Pediatricians has admitted  in a letter to the CM, Orissa, that private clinics and hospitals are ill  equipped to store vaccines and warned parents not to vaccinate upon the  advise of private practitioners and hospitals.


11. Vaccines contain heavy metals, cancer causing substances, toxic chemicals,  live and genetically modified viruses, contaminated serum containing  animal viruses and foreign genetic material, extremely toxic  de-contaminants and adjuvants, untested antibiotics, none of which can be  injected without causing any harm.

12. The mercury, aluminum and live viruses in vaccines may be behind the huge  epidemic of autism (1 in 10 worldwide as per doctors in the USA, 1 in 37  as per a private study by doctors in New Delhi), a fact that (vaccines  cause autism) has been admitted by the US Vaccine Court.

13. The CDC of USA, the vaccine watchdog, has publicly admitted that its  much-publicized 2003 study denying any link between vaccines and autism,  is flawed. The Chief of CDC Dr Gerberding has confessed to the media (CNN)  that vaccines can cause “autism like symptoms”. The Autism epidemic is  found only in those countries that have allowed mass vaccinations.

14. In the year 1999, the US Government instructed vaccine manufacturers to  remove mercury from vaccines “with immediate effect”. But mercury still  remains a part of many vaccines. The vaccines with mercury were never  recalled and were given to children up to the year 2006. “Mercury free”  vaccines contain 0.05mcg of mercury, enough to permanently damage a  infant. As per an American Academy of Pediatricians study: “Mercury in  all of its forms is toxic to the fetus and children and efforts should be  made to reduce exposure to the extent possible to pregnant women and  children as well as the general population.”


16. In a reply to then President Sri Abdul Kalam, the Health Ministry  informed, “mercury is required to make the vaccines safe”. To the author’s  query that “what are these vaccines that it requires the second most  dangerous neurotoxin, mercury, to make them safe?”, there was no reply.

17. Mercury used in vaccines is second in toxicity only to the radioactive  substance, Uranium. It is a neurotoxin that can damage the entire nervous  system of the infant in no time.

18. Mercury accumulates in fat. The brain being made mostly of fat cells, most  of the mercury accumulates there giving rise to the peculiar symptoms of  the autistic children.

19. The mercury used in vaccines is ethyl mercury. According to Indian doctors  this is an industrial toxin and is 1000 times more toxic than the usual  methyl mercury.

20. The aluminum present in vaccines makes the mercury, in any form, 100 times  more toxic.

21. As per an independent study aluminum and formaldehyde present in vaccines  can increase the toxicity of mercury, in any form, by 1000 times.

22. As per a Tehelka article on Autism, if one considers the WHO limit for  mercury in water, they are receiving 50,000 times the limit. The limits  set, incidentally, are for adults and not infants.

23. Autism in India has emerged as the most rapidly growing epidemic amongst  children. As per a private study done by doctors in New Delhi, from 1 in  500 it has steadily climbed to 1 in 37 today. As per Indian doctors, “You  can go to any class of any school today and find an autistic child.”

24. Autism is a permanent disability that affects the child physically,  mentally and emotionally. It makes the child loose social contact. It  impedes both the physical and mental growth of the child. It destroys the  brain causing severe memory and attention problems.The majority of  symptoms displayed by autistic children match symptoms of heavy metal  poisoning.

25. According to vaccine researcher Dr Harris Coulter, vaccines cause children  to become pervert and criminal. Majority of the school shootings by the  children in the USA have been committed by autistic children. Vaccines can  cause more harm that even the medical community privately acknowledges.

26. Autistic children also suffer from severe bowel disorders. As per Dr  Andrew Wakefield, this is due to the vaccine strain live measles virus in  the MMR vaccine. Nearly all children become fully autistic after the MMR  shot. As per a recent study the MMR vaccine has an adverse effect on the  vital mucosal immune system. The very basis of trying to prevent childhood  Mumps and Measles has been questioned in this study.

27. The DPT also causes children to regress giving rise to fears that multiple  live virus vaccines are an important cause behind autism. If three live  viruses can cause so much harm we can well imagine what today’s five and  seven viruses vaccines will do to children.

28. Before the autism epidemic, it was already well known that vaccines have  caused the cancer epidemic in today’s society. Both the Small Pox and the  Oral Polio Vaccine are made from monkey serum. This serum has helped many  cancer causing monkey viruses, 60 found so far (SV 1 to SV60), to enter  the human blood stream. As per recent revelations these viruses continue  to be in the vaccines.

29. It is also known that it is the use of green monkey serum in vaccines that  has led to the transfer of the Simian Immune deficiency Virus (SIV) from  monkeys into humans. The SIV and the HIV that causes AIDS are very similar.

30. Not only AIDS, a blood cancer in infants (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia)  that is affecting children in thousands may also be primarily due to the  extremely toxic nature of vaccine ingredients injected directly into the  blood stream.

31. Infantile jaundice and also infantile diabetes is also scientifically  connected to the toxic vaccines.

32. The live polio viruses used in the Oral Polio Vaccine has caused Vaccine  Attributed Paralytic Polio in more than 1,25,000 children (up to the year  2006) as per doctors of the Indian Medical Association and the Jana  Swasthya Abhiyan. The OPV has also let loose a new strain of polio in both  India and Africa. The OPV is banned in the USA & European countries.

33. Vaccines contain serum from not only chimpanzees and monkeys but also from  cows, pigs, chickens, eggs, horses, and even human serum and tissues  extracted from aborted fetuses.

34. Deaths and permanent disability from vaccines is very common and known by  the medical community. They are instructed by the Government to keep quiet  and not to associate such cases with vaccines.

35. Many doctors argue that diseases during childhood are due to the body  exercising its immune system. Suppressing these diseases causes the immune  system to remain undeveloped causing the various autoimmune disorders like  diabetes and arthritis that have become epidemics today.

36. Vaccines suppress the natural immunity and the body does not have natural  antibodies anymore. The mothers milk therefore does not contain natural  antibodies and can no longer protect the child against illnesses.

37. By stimulating humoral (blood related) immunity alone vaccines have caused  an imbalance in the whole immune set up leading to an alarming increase in  auto immune disorders. This is acknowledged by the immunologists themselves.

38. In the USA vaccine adverse effects are recorded and the Government offers  compensation of millions of dollars to victims (the most recent case in  its Vaccine Court may have received upto $200 million in damages). The  Indian Government simply refuses to acknowledge that vaccines can cause  deaths and permanent disability.

39. It has been scientifically proven that vaccines cannot prevent disease.  Vaccines try to create humoral (blood related immunity) whereas it has  been found that immunity is developed at various levels, humoral as well  as cellular. We still do not know enough about the human immune system and  therefore should not interfere with it.

40. In the USA parents are informed about vaccine after effects and their  consent has to be taken before vaccinating their children. In India the  Government assures the population through massive advertising campaigns  that vaccines are extremely safe. Parents refusing to vaccinate are  threatened by the administration.

41. THERE IS NO SYSTEM OF TREATMENT TO TREAT A VACCINE DAMAGED CHILD. The  parents have to run from one hospital to another. The Government turns a  blind eye and refuses to even acknowledge the vaccine connection. Attempts  by private practitioners worldwide to treat vaccine damaged children by  flushing out heavy metals and toxins from the body have been frowned upon  and discouraged.

42. Senior medical doctors have challenged even the vaccines recommended by  the Government of India. The BCG vaccine for tuberculosis has been  extensively tested in India as long back as 1961 and found to be totally  ineffective. The OPV is causing polio and other neurological and  intestinal disorders in tens of thousands of Indian children. The Hep-B  vaccine introduced recently is not meant for children at all, it is a  vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease that should be targeted only at  promiscuous adults. The tetanus vaccine contains both aluminum and mercury  besides the tetanus toxoid. The doctors themselves avoid giving the DPT to  their children and relatives as per a survey amongst US health care  professionals. The measles vaccine is a vaccine that regularly causes  severe adverse effects and the health workers I have interviewed want it out.

43. The pediatricians are introducing dubious vaccines in India, which are  being opposed by the doctors, politicians, and public in American and  European countries. The Rotavirus vaccine, Hib vaccine, HPV vaccine and  the various multi virus vaccines being introduced without any kind of  testing is only because the vaccine manufacturers and the doctors  administering them want to ensure a good income from them. They care two  hoots about medical ethics and the fate of the children who will receive  these vaccines. Vaccines containing nano particles and viruses and also  plant based genetically modified vaccines are being opposed by honest  doctors worldwide.

44. Various independent studies, notably the Dutch and the more recent German  study, comparing vaccinated with unvaccinated children have found that  vaccinated children are prone to asthma, dermatitis, allergies,  hyperactivity etc. The death rate amongst vaccinated children is much more  than the unvaccinated ones.

45. Vaccines, being a mass medical program which is accepted without question,  becomes the perfect launching pad for bioterrorism. The powerful countries  can spread lethal epidemics by just polluting the vaccines with bio  warfare agents. The USA has handed over vaccine research to a bioterrorism  research unit called the BARDA which functions under the Pentagon. A  warning to this effect has been sounded by the Vice President IAP in a  letter to the DGHS.

46. Besides “investigating” into the small pox virus, it is reported that a  “weapons grade” bird flu vaccine has already been devised by the Pentagon  to be used as biowarfare agents.

47. Vaccines have also been used to ensure population control. A batch of the  tetanus vaccine has been used in many Asian countries to make the female  population sterile. This was done by introducing a hormone that by  inducing antibodies would abort the foetus when it is formed. In India,  Saheli, a NGO fighting for the rights of women filed a PIL against this  when the fact surfaced.

48. Mercury, a part of vaccines, is known to interfere with the endocrine  system and induce sterility in both males and females.

49. Through a new Public Health Bill that is being drafted the Government of  India is planning to introduce forced vaccinations and threaten  anti-vaccination activists with steep fines and jail terms. This is  obviously at the instance of foreign (read US) vaccine giants who are  shifting base to India reeling at the tremendous opposition to vaccines in  US and European countries. The Govt of India is planning a “vaccine park”  at Chennai where these vaccine MNCs will set up base. This itself is an  act of bioterrorism which ironically the proposed bill seeks to oppose.

50. As per the IOM, USA, vaccine research for a probable link between vaccines  and autism should not be conducted. The Institute of Medicine in its  last report on vaccines and autism in 2004 said that more research on  the vaccine question is counterproductive: Finding a susceptibility to  this risk in some infants would call into question the universal  vaccination strategy that is a bedrock of immunization programs and  could lead to widespread rejection of vaccines. The IOM concluded that  efforts to find a link between vaccines and autism “must be balanced  against the broader benefit of the current vaccine program for all  children”. What does this add up to? Infants should be sacrificed in order  to perpetuate an unscientific procedure?

The above points are not exhaustive. For a more detailed article please write  to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .