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This 2001 report refers:

but already over 25years ago Prof Hugh Fudenberg ea proposed and demonstrated an acute immunological basis and remedy for Alzheimers Disease, which Tobinick ea in California have now applied with unimaginable remission in both established advanced Alzheimers and long after paralyzing stroke.

Is the flu vaccine  being promoted by NICD for us here


now  free of mercury, aluminium, eggwhite?
  • which manufacturer, brand is it?

and what trials have been done to show that it is both safe shortterm, and significantly reduces the incidence and severity of influenza?

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England says no point in giving flu vaccine to children under 5 but vested commercial interests hope to make it mandatory in USA under the health reform regulations. Flu shots for those under 5 are insanity. There is no documented benefit and the risks from learning disorders to asthma are increasingly being seen the longer we do follow up yet the commercial interests of those behind their intended mandatory vaccine movement are undaunted.

Also, could HPV vaccines lead to cervical disease in a 40 year old patient whose paps were always normal until she took the vaccine?

I just listed to a caller to NYU medical centers "DOCTOR RADIO" program on Sirius radio channel 114 and XM 119. She is going on 40 and was always normal on pap smears until she took the first of the HPV recommended three vaccinations. Now, for the first time in her life, she has an abnormal PAP. Experts agree that cervical cancer is nearly 100% due to HPV!  This woman did not have unprotected sex with a new partner but she received HPV, as a vaccine, which is being strongly promoted as the answer to eliminating cervical cancer for all sexually active young girls.  The guidelines for this patient are not yet finalized.

Of course the "experts" on the oncology program immediately assured her that there was no chance that her HPV vaccine could have lead to her unhealthy cervix yet they steadfastly agree that invariably cervical cancer is HPV!

Read more here and try to stay on top of this for the sake of everyone!